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AnyHelper Services

AnyHelper’s other products and services include AnyCall (China cell phone plans), AnyKorean (Korean online community in China), company registration, website & IT solutions, and more...


  • AnyCall is a brand under AnyHelper that provides cell phone services to foreigners and foreign companies in China. Visit for more info.
  • Benefits
    • Online service activation instead of in-store registration
    • Free SIM card delivery to all main airports in China
    • In-house services and 15% off discounts for company clients
    • A wide range of phone packages: 7-day, 15-day, 3-month, 5-month service plan


  • AnyShanghai is a brand under AnyHelper to provide local guide for life tips, restaurants, tickets, events and discounts in Shanghai.
  • Services
    • AnyShanghai Community: various Q&A and information sharing groups for foreigners (e.g., pets, apartments, second-hand stuff...)
    • AnyShanghai Advisors: various expat or local volunteers who are knowledgeable and skilled in a certain field to provide free suggestions and solutions to AnyShanghai community.
    • AnyShanghai Official WeChat: Media platform which shares local information for life tips, events, tickets, restaurants and discounts in Shanghai.


  • AnyKorean is a brand under AnyHelper to provide local guide for life tips, restaurants, and others in Shanghai to Korean people.
  • Services
    • AnyKorean Community: various groups for Koreans. (e.g., Q&A and information sharing, coupon sharing, brainstorming quiz, Korean freshmen of universities in Shanghai).
    • AnyKorean Helpers: various expat or volunteers who are knowledgeable and skilled in a certain field to provide free suggestions and solutions to AnyKorean community. (e.g., Shanghai local tips, health, education, medical, parties and entertainment, finance, real estate, beauty products, interior design).
    • AnyKorean Official WeChat: Media platform which shares local information of life tips / restaurants / events / news / phone book / Chinese phrases / medical info / ads and info sharing.


  • AnyMixer is a brand under AnyHelper to hold networking events for different kinds of communities, such as chambers of commerce, entrepreneur community, Top US public school alumni, international students and so on. AnyMixer has designed several special sections for attendees to connect with each other and share their resources.

Company Registration

  • AnyHelper provides company services to foreign or joint ventures, including company registration, accounting, office leasing, and address registration
  • Services
    • Registered addresses in Shanghai downtown areas: Xuhui (SJTU Science Park), Changning, Minhang districts and Free Trade Zone
    • Accounting service: annual review and report
    • Office locations: Xuhui, Pudong, Jingan, and other major Shanghai districts

Diploma Notarization

  • If you’re applying for a visa, your foreign diploma needs to be authenticated (notarized). AnyHelper provides online notary services for diplomas issued by non-Chinese universities.

Demand Letter

  • A demand letter is a formal document stating potential legal action. AnyHelper provides demand letter writing services to foreigners who have housing-related or labor contract issues.

TEFL in China

  • AnyHelper is the official designated partner of “TEFL in China”, a training program authorized by the State Administration of Foreign Experts Affairs (SAFEA). Through AnyHelper online application system, foreigners can sign up for TEFL in China training classes.
  • Benefits
    • No additional charge within 7-day training window
    • No work experience needed for work visa applications with TEFL in China certificate

Website & IT Solution

  • AnyHelper provides website & IT outsourcing solutions to international companies and government agencies, such as website development for the Immigration Service Centre of Shanghai, SEO & SEM for ECNU’s Asia Europe Business School, overseas marketing for SUFE and social media management for the Indonesian Tourism Department.
  • Services
    • Website, app, and mini program developments
    • SEO & SEM solutions
    • Foreign social media management and marketing promotion
    • WeChat management and article editing

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